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Thank you everyone for the encouraging words . The rabbit was a lot of fun . I am working on the rotating base next. am going to use part of a small jack operated crane as the rotary part as the eagle will be about 12 foot off the ground so may be subject to wind gusts. so I am opting for strength over smooth rotation

Jacques. you wanted to see my junk (treasure & uncut diamonds ) pile . these are old photos both piles have tripled in size.. BUT the hard bit is being able to go straight to the part you need without wasting too much time






That is AWESOME!! What are your secrets to getting all that nice material?

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Hey Bushie, where in North Qld are you??

And Andrew, the swaggie is great! Haven't seen that one before. Your work always gives me inspiration for my own junk art. I have been asked to make a life size scrap sculpture of a miner power drilling rock. I know my junk pile can provide all the pieces - just a matter of proportion, welding skill (or lack of it with some metals) and TIME! I get lots of ideas from your work. Thanks for posting.

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