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Flypress---things you can do with it: coining


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I was just looking over the Game of Thrones (and other fantasy) coins that Tom Maringer has been striking over at shirepost.com; he started out with one screwpress and was striking coins more as a fan and now has expanded to being a mint.  The quality is awesome, not much of a surprise when you consider the quality of the swords he used to make,

He's an old friend of mine, (I brokered the deal for his first screwpress, he and his wife introduced me to the lady I have been married to for 30+ years.), so I am partial to his work.  

But anyway it's an interesting look at what else you can do with a screw/fly press

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Greetings TP,

what can be done on the fly press is only limited to your imagination.  It would take the next 7 days to post what I do.. If you can dream it , it can be done.. Just a little sample picture of a jig for spring tooling.  

Forge on and make beautiful things



fly press.jpg

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