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New Gas Forge Completed


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I finished fabricating my new gas forge today!

I built it from two 6" lengths of square tubing, cutting off a side on each and then welding it together to make a rectangle OD- 16"x12"x6".The fire chamber is approximately 16"x8"x3" - 384 cubic inches. It's lined with 1 1/2" thick duraboard 2690 I believe (free scraps from a friend) and 4 fire bricks as doors. The two burners I fabricated similar to ones on Zoeller Forge's page. They use .35 mig tips and it will heat 1" square stock very fast. The gas piping has a 3 position valve (Off and two outlets) so I installed a second gas supply circuit with a needle valve that can be set as a lower output pilot for idling while I work. I haven't tried to reach welding temps yet - but i'm certain it will reach it no problem. I need to do some fine tuning on the burners - but at 8 -10 psi - the forge works great currently. I am going to add two air draft swinging covers on the tees on the burners so i can adjust air - one sputtered a little for a bit (covering the tee air inlet slightly with my hand cleared it up). I am very pleased with the forge - the size will be able to do anything I decide to work on at this point. The portability and weight is great and I can have it in my driveway and running in 5 mins. I do need to add a bracket support in the front so I can stabilize pieces of length - I'll tack weld two 3/8" nuts to the door support as a removable mounting very soon and post another picture. I was able to use a lot of free materials from friends and the gas plumbing was found at a yard sale - coffee can full of fittings for like 10$. My total cost for the forge was around 100$ out of pocket!

I did a lot of research before building this project - But if i missed something - Please let me know!

Gas Forge 2.JPG

Gas Forge 3.JPG

Gas Forge 4.JPG

Gas Forge 1.JPG

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That's a fair criticism - Thank you! I went with steel to the edge since i'll be moving it around and have been disconnecting the hose when stored. I'll add a length of steel tubing to get the hose farther away - better safe than sorry..... Thanks!

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Here's the new hose connection - much safer!

I'll try for a running pic when it gets a tad darker out. One of the burner tips was fouled with something and was sputtering - so I had to disassemble it and blow it out / inspect it. For now - I also installed a fitted piece of insulation inside to block the back door. I can pop it out if i need too. 

Gas Forge 5.JPG

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Much better gas line routing! Now just bend it so it's aimed straight down where folk are less likely to trip on it and I'll leave you alone about it. <grin>

Tell me you didn't use Teflon tape on the gas lines. Teflon and propane do NOT play well together, there is an approved paste thread compound/sealer and it won't blow little bits loose to block things like jets.

She's looking hot for sure. Is there much dragon's breath? A LITTLE is a good thing to prevent scaling IN the forge just be aware it indicates CO production in excess of a neutral burn. Yeah, any open gas flame will produce CO, the richer the more though, so be more careful. Ventilation is your friend.

Frosty The Lucky.

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