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Hey guys,

So, a while ago I snagged an unnamed 250lb anvil, old cracked cast forge and a 5" post vise for a really decent price.

I just kind of figured I'd show you what I did as a minor resto to get the vise back into decent form. I recently left my job of 9 years as a Millwright at a large gear manufacturer/machine shop, so I had access to all kinds of good stuff for my own projects.

Here's the pile of stuff in my truck on the way home:


They have a large shot blaster at work, so here's the works on the table ready to go:


After blasting:


Here you can see how worn out the eye was for the handle:


More bits:


To fix the handle, I bored and tapped the eye with a 1 1/4" tap, then threaded in, cut off and welded up/ground off a bolt. Then a re-bore of course:



Finally, finished reassembled product painted in hi-temp Tremclad. Meant to take more photos.. I'll do better in the future :)



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Thank you! Honestly VaughnT, it was pretty dang great! I kinda miss it, but I've still got a few good friends at the shop I can pass off a case of cold ones to to get some blasting and other stuff done if need be ;)

Thus far the new shop is turning out pretty great for scrounging. They're moving in August and need to cut down some serious equipment accumulation, so I'll be posting more projects over the next while..

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