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Newbie Hardy Question

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So when you say your anvil has two hardies, I assume you mean two hardy holes. Yes, this is unusual. I'm not an avil expert, but I don't remember seeing a single anvil in the Anvils in America book with two hardy holes. I've never heard of it. Also, hardies are square. I've never heard of rectangular hardies.

Maybe the anvil guys will tell you what's going on, but, at least that's very unusual.

What kind of anvil do you have? If the name doesn't jump right out (which it probably won't) look very close at the side. Maybe try rubbing chalk on it or something.

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The one closest to the anvil body ..the one in the middle is the original Hardie hole ..

the other one seems to be a pritchel hole that was machined/cast to be square .. ( it's normally round)

either that or the guys at the foundry found it easier to make both holes square than to make the pritchel one round. ...

Anyways. .you should only use the bigger hardie hole ( in the middle). . as it has a lot more mass under it ( and the anvil won;t jump around so much ) and its probable most hardie tools will only fit in that hole.

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I have one of those
Allthough mine is not marked either a guy local to me stamps ( PETER WRONG ) in the side of them.
From what I can tell it is a decent anvil ,We used it in the ring of fire at the hammer-in and kids used it.
It seems to be plenty tuff e nuff as they dindnt hurt it any and they missed what they were aiming at more than they hit it with no appreciable dents or dings which is saying something.
I wouldn't mind finding more of them just to set up forging stations for beginners.
Do you have a lead on where to get them reasonably ?
You can make a hardy to fit it without too much trouble.

Mike Tanner

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