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DuPont Model E Restoration - Question about dies

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Hey everyone,

I recently acquired a DuPont Model E from a close by fellow blacksmith who had it just sitting in his shop. It was originally rigged for a lineshaft and needs to be completely gone through. I'm new to power hammers, and this being definitely my largest project to date I decided to video record my endeavor of restoring it. I'm also looking to the community of blacksmiths for more experienced folk to advise as I progress on the hammer restoration. Figured that video recording it to also explain what I have learned so far on the power hammer would also be helpful to others.. and for fun. I haven't really gotten into videos before.. So far, kinda enjoying it.

Anywho, here is the link to my first video where I kinda ramble a lot. You can skip to 9:00 to see the dies that I cleaned up and my question about the dies is below.



My question is, has anyone here restored dies that are cracked? How did you restore it, weld or some other method? Who did you go through if you bought new dies?

Thanks in advance and oh.. I'm hoping to get the next "episode", about the pitman, up next :)

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The "E" is a serious hammer, I run one at work sometimes.  There are pics posted of it buried deep here somewhere.  You are going to be spoiled when you run someone else's 25#LG!  Your dies look factory original, that little recurved part of the drawing dies is pretty distinctive.  Replacement dies are basically unavailable unless you luck onto someone selling antique extras from a production shop, I've only seen that for a Fairbanks hammer once in 25 years.  Have a machine shop make new ones, a welded up crack in dies on a hammer that big gives me the willies.


If you decide it's too much hammer for you let me know, I'd buy it off you!

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Thanks for the response, Judson. Gives me the willies too!

I'll let you know if I ever decide to part ways with it.. For now though, it's a very fun project :)

I'd love to see some shots of your one at work if you get around to it.

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It looks like the repair was not done properly which resulted in the crack. Personally, if machining costs are too high, have the machine shop just make the dove tail section. Then get a flat block and bolt or weld the dove tail in place.I'm not a big fan of combo dies so I would not try to recreate that feature in a new die set.

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Patrick's idea sounds good.

If you had a complete die machined you could go with a 4"x8" flat die, still nice and big, but less cost than a 6"x 8" combo die.

Dave Hammer and Ken Zitur  both have a model E.

Little Giant in Nebraska had a spring a Fairbanks E several years ago, they may still have it if you want a fresh one.

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Thanks for the input/info, guys :)

Yeah I've gotten to know Kenny pretty well, so I'm lucky for that. Was at his shop a few weeks ago picking his brain. I'm also a member of CMB.

I don't know who Dave Hammer is.. Does he hang around iforgeiron or is he in the Midwest here?

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