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necking tool

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had a go at a necking guiloteen tool today as a friend wanted one for making knives

my first attempt seems to work ok

20mm ( 3/4" ) square peg ( needs a sleeve adding to fit the 30mm ( 1 1/4" ) hardy hole

top and bottom parts are 12mm ( 1/2" ) square each with one corner radiused to give a square or rounded neck

test piece was 16mm ( 5/8" ) round






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Neat.  Kind of reminds me of the one Hofi showed except you're doesn't have a hinged top arm.

How much clearance did you put between the collar on the top arm and the guide rod?  Seems like your design would sure help keep the two dies aligned - something that my swing-arm guillotine doesn't like to do at all!  Another thing to put on the to-do list.

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you need it to rock up and down a bit, I touch the underside of the top bar with the work when putting it in and then the top drops.

placing the work close to the upright means you get a > effect depending on how you hit it or near the tips it is more like a < asuming you are looking at it like mine in the pictures.

I try to put the work close to the balance point, also between the point of balance and the upright you can use the work to lift the top part up if you want to

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