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Finally got a real anvil!!

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Hello everyone, I am new to your forum. I have been smithing in one way or another for about 5 years now. But I didn't get a lot done because of what I had for an anvil. Some of you will think I am completely nuts for even attempting to hammer on what I was using. It was a 12 inch ductile Iron pipe plug that weighs about 60 pounds, It has a lot of surface but is as dead as a spongy piece of wood. Despite this I managed some pretty nice projects with it.

At the end of a forgeing day I would be so tired I could hardly move! Well last month I did a tree job for someone and for part payment they bought me a brand new NC Cavalry anvil at 112 pounds. I was so amazed at the difference it was mind blowing!!  I know, I know its a bit more farrier designed but I gota say that I love the xxxx thing!! I mean try forging on something that your hammer lands on like one of those dead blow hammers and this thing will make you jump for joy.

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Just remember that you new anvil shines at making turnings, keep the heavy forging directly over the waist and any tooling you think you might realy wail on, build offset to put it over the waist as well.
If your anvil is anything like my JMH's it is flame hardened ductile iron, not a bad anvil, and built to take some abuse. Must say tho a 12" pipe plug is certainly something unusual

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