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25# Little Giant 100yr Birthday Party

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Mark your calendars for Jan. 11&12, 2008! It's going to be the Mother of all birthday parties! Sid and Mary Suedmeier are throwing a birthday party for the FIRST 25# Little Giant, yes, it's serial #1. Also attending will be younger brothers, the LAST 25# Little Giant, serial #8876 and the LAST 100# Little Giant serial #1603.
Win door prizes and play with a Little Giant hammer.
Registration is $35.00 which includes 2 meals and ticket for door prizes.
Demonstrators are;
Blacksmiths; Bob Bergman, Phil Cox, Tom Clark, Ron Loken, and Dean Slader

Bladesmiths; Don Hanson and David Sloan

Tinsmith; Chirs Hageman

Vendors; KA Airhammers/Old World Anvils, Reffinghaus Anvils, and Ozark School Tools

Send your registration check to:
Little Giant
420 4th Corso
Nebraska City, NE 68410

Or call (402) 873-6603 and register by phone.

Remember, Jan. 11&12, Nebraska City, NE. BE THERE! I'm sure cake and ice cream will be served too! :)

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You can go to the "Calendar of Events" to find out more about this birthday party. It is to be in Nebraska City, NE on Jan. 11 & 12, 2008. I had posted all the info here in this section also as I know not everyone looks at the "Calendar of Events" section but it was removed, most likely due to a double posting of the same material. (I can understand that) Anyway, check it out and mark your calendar. Should prove to be a great event.

The two posts have been combined under this thread so as not to divide the discussion

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Double posting splits the information and discussion that follows into two different areas of the forum, and makes it difficult to keep up. That is why the second posting was removed.

I thought after I posted the 2nd one it might get removed. Had I been thinking tho, :( ,I would have posted it in this section as I believe it gets read more. No problem and I do understand the reasoning. You do an amazing job with this site! Thank you.
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The two posts have been combined under Blacksmithing and this thread.

Thomas, it is a matter of trying to keep all the discussions on one topic together. This helps not only today, but when the thread goes to the archives and someone in the future looks for the information.

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OK Skunk and Bill...Ya'll BETTER be taking some pictures!! :) Wife and I are going to the BAM conference the 1st weekend in May, sent the registration in before CHRISTmas, it is my CHRISTmas pressent! :)!! I HOPE I have all the honey-do jobs done by then. Now she is thinking about knocking out the kitchen wall to enlarge the kitchen some...sure does mess up my time in the shop! :(

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Had a great time! Saw many old friends and made even more new ones. I posted a few pics in the gallery, will get some more in later. Heading off to our monthly hammer-in here.

Little Giant 100yr Birthday Party - Blacksmith Picture Gallery

Glenn if you could please edit the name of the folder. The 100 yr b'day party was for the 25 lb hammer. Little Giant was making 50 lb hammers for some years before '08.

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