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Help with keeping welding sticks dry

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Hello all.  I recently picked up a welding rod oven with a bunch of different rods at an auction and I'm wondering what y'all think would be the least expensive way to keep the rods dry, seeing as how I live in the PNW, and more specifically on the west (or should that be WET) side of the mountains.  There's a significant amount of humidity in the atmosphere, especially from October through June. 

I weld only on occasion, so I'm having a hard time justifying keeping the oven on all the time.  My current stock (what came with the oven) consists of 6010, 6011, 6013, 7018, 316/316L and about 4# of UTP65 believe it or not.

I was thinking of putting the oven on a timer, and having it come on once or twice a week for 30 minutes to an hour at 120-150 degrees and that ought to keep the moisture levels in the normally closed oven to a minimum.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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They make plastic tubes with a gasket between the halves that work pretty well at keeping them dry - but the 60XX series rods don't need special attention so long as they aren't left out in the rain. I live in Central Texas and it gets plenty humid here but I can keep 6011 rods in an open tin in my non-insulated shop and they still work fine. Your other rods will work better if kept dry (especially the 7018) but your oven should be fairly efficient at insulating from humidity if it's not opened frequently.

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so where on the north coast are you @ ? BillyO

here @100 % humidity you weld with wet rods depending ? unless it a cert job then new rod & oven !!


an old sm ice box & a 60 watt + light or wire bulb heater is what most of us use

if you need dry rod we put it in an oven @ 400 + deg  bake for 2 Hrs if I remember right ? I do this when repair welding anvils !

most stuff you don't need to -- if you do get new rod & those plastic containers work & inspectors like / require them !! on jobs

+ rod oven !! no rod out of the box over 20 minuets then needs to be baked

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Thanks for the replies, all.  From the responses here and from those I got from my local friends, it sounds like what I've been doing, (the cheapest) is OK, just keep the door closed and don't spill drinks on the rods or drop them in puddles. 


I posted this because yesterday when I opened the oven for the first time in about a month to do a bit of welding, I noticed that a bunch of the 316 rods had a white powder on the flux coating, and I assumed this was the coating absorbing moisture.  Although I got what I think is a screaming deal on the oven (original intent was to use it as a heat treating oven) and rods (there's about 50 lbs of 316 and 80-100 lbs of rods in total) I'd like to keep the materials in as good condition as possible.


IronWolf - I live in the foothills of Mt Rainier, (about to boast about fate being good to me...) about 2 miles down the road from a smith some of you may have heard of before, Darryl Nelson. 

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Many years ago I worked in a manufacturing faculty where we made heavy metal working machines anda lot of welding was done in 3-4 locations. Centrally located was an old refrigerator that they stored their rods in. Never looked close at it as I wasn't a welder then and wasn't interested. Have seen the same in other shops over the years. Stick a bulb in there and close the door should keep things dry??

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Yep have see Darryl many times @ CBA meets nice to be that close !

yea you're a bit wetter up there LOL you have moss on both sides of the tress :rolleyes:

are's is just on the north side of the tree easy way to tell north though


Hay another Idea I just remembered is an old post office box a street unit with many single box's in it and there metal

forgot I had one to make into a rod box in the back supply area TO MANY PROJECT'S on the list anymore :(

wire in some heat / elec & you're good I have seen this done & works good ! that's why I never did set up mine :lol:

post offices are replacing them often going to fiberglass ones go ask them about an old one 


later Steve

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