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Kudos to Dave aka FieryFurnace


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Just wanted to share a few things about Dave.


About a year ago I had wanted to purchase a hammer from Brian Brazeal but had to delay it because of budget constraints.

For the last couple of years I've been following Dave's journey in smithing and decided to purchase one from him.

This past October I got in touch with Dave and we talked on the phone and communicated via facebook messenger.

Through our conversations I noticed he has a great attitude towards his work and customer service.

No matter who I would have purchased the hammer from, I was a little apprehensive because this isn't a small dollar amount.

Our discussions put me at ease and his hammer is one of the best tool investments I've made. I plan to purchase one or two more from him when funds allow. 


I'm a beginner in many ways and have always had trouble trying to make leaves. So I decided to christen the new hammer with a leaf.

It worked, and I've attached a photo of that first leaf with the hammer. It was made from 1/2" round


In November while using the hammer, I noticed a hairline crack in the handle which sometimes happens.

I contacted Dave and he gave me some options to fix it. I decided to use it up to Christmas and then send it back. He would re-handle it at no charge plus he would reimburse me for the return shipping.

Sounded good. Well a few days later I was hammering and on the upswing that handle just separated in my hand. I contacted Dave that the hammer is coming back a little earlier.

He re-handled it in a nice piece of hickory and even provided an extra hickory handle with addl wedges which he didn't have to do.

The hammer was back in no time and that new handle does look good.


I can't stop making leaves now. LOL

The other leaf that is attached was the first item I put in my Etsy store. It sold within 5 minutes of adding the listing to my facebook business page.


Dave, thanks for your great hammer and for taking care of this customer.




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I agree! Dave's hammers are great. I bought one through the IFI promotion.

I finally got to some serious anvil time this weekend. This was to be the " road test" but I ran into a small problem. My wife, who like to flatten things, barged in and took my new hammer and wouldn't turn loose.  I tended the fire, barked instructions and waited until she got tired. After that, the road test! I love it.

Thanks to IFI and Dave


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Ill throw my lot in here as well, I ordered one of the IFI flavored FFF hammers, and I had the opportunity to put it to work last weekend, and it was pure pleasure!  so comfortable, and without ever really having actually practiced the motion I found myself almost automatically working with the edges of the round die to draw and spread.  I cant wait to use it again :D !

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