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hattersley and davidson power hammer

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Seems my earlier attempt didn't post properly. I used to live next to the Hattersley and Davidson works which also included  Robert Sorby  and Kangeroo tools. Primarily H & D were engineers, Brassfounders and pump manufacturers. Sorby's and Kangaroo brands being woodworking, edge tools, gardening tools and they also made some of the best ice skates, supplying them to the Olympic ice skaters, including the Russians who at that time were still behind the iron curtain.  


The powerhammers that were in use were mainly Patterson, and I wonder why the one you have is identifiable as an H&D, it was common practice for machine tools to be manufactured and sold under different names, which were usually done by attaching a brass plaque with machine id numbers on and other relevant information which can mislead from original manufacturer, they could also have been made under licence. They operated at about 600+BPM


Would like to see a video of this when you get it running. There used to be some of the Paterson hammers at the edge tool makers just outside Exeter around Ide, name escapes me at the moment, but they also took on the old Finch Foundry tooling.

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Morris of Dunsford are the people, thanks for that.


The 600+BPM machines were primarily used for rapidly drawing blades down and no quarter flips being used. It's over 60 years now since I saw the works so some details a little hazy, I was only a tacker at the time so was somewhat in awe of these beasties.

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