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Anvil/Vise combo


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I have an old Stewart Handy worker from around the turn of the century. Mine sits on an old milking stand and I LOVE IT!
I pet it sometimes on my way by.
May work for small stock, but if you had things to fix and nowhere to work these were just the ticket :)
Probably sold by Sears... back in the day.
Some things don't need to be useful- just beautiful is enough.

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I must be like dancer cuz as I have one by same company yet has 3 gears ratios for square drill shanks bits n a worthless grinding wheel as well n has a 2 piece pipe wedge. Has all the parts, hardie n crank handle ect,,, If found interesting I can pic it here in near future?
its a very handy vise n have been told the value complete we is over 1k for mine.

My grandaddy has one n I was 4 or 5 n spent many hours crushing soup cans n grandma haid brush which she didn't like.lol More memorable than use, yet have neverrrrrr seen another like it n its been a long time now.

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