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Curious 'blacksmith' vise on eBay

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Saw this today while trawling fleabay. Looks to me like a little post vice which someone hacked into a crude little table vice thing.

Find Miniture Blacksmiths Vice.(end time 11-Nov-07 22:04:07 GMT)

I was wondering if it would be possible/easy to turn this into something closer to what it was originally. I don't have arc welding capabilities but I would take it to a garage near me and have them do the work.

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Since the jaw on the right doesn't rotate
I'd cut off the bottopm peice with the screw.
Then I'd forge a piece that would butt up to the bottom and wrap arround the backside and up and do 2 L shaped welds with as much penetration as I could manage.

But frankly as it is it can be a VERY handy tool .
I treasure my movable vices and tools.

100_0608 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

not mine but I have some that are similar.
29 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


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Nope that is a not unusal style of old bench vise---note the size it would be too fragile if it was a full length post vise. I have an even smaller one that mounts to my travel forge for very light duty tweaking made exactly the same way---tennon for the spring and bracket and the short turned stub with a screw.

For a full sized truncated leg version look at a "Wagon Tongue Vise"---I had a friend who picked up one for about US$5 when they were selling for US$150---he was about 2 steps in front of me, sigh.

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Its a small smith made bench vise that can be clamped to the edge of a work bench to fascilitate delicate and intricate filing operations while setting on a stool or such. The height of a regular post vise would require the smith to stand to do the filing and thus be a more tiring operation. Most people do not understand with all the modern grinders and such that a majority of the old smiths time was spent with a file in hand, finishing projects they had forged in a few minutes. Filing is one of those monotonous labor intensive jobs that add so much to a finished project and make it look good. As part of my apprenticeship I once spent 4 days with only a file a hacksaw and a vise to complete a training project, and I can tell you standing for 4 days at a post vise is not fun.

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