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Easy peasy bow lathe

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I guess that's what he can fit in his area or pack with him on his rounds. A spring pole or LATHE is just as simple and a lot more effective. The lathe (turning machine) got it's name from the planed spring pole (lathe) used to drive it. Anyway, it's as simple as bending a suitable branch over and tying a cord to it. The body of the lathe is tied or even clamped if you're a high tech wood turner to a horizontal branch or one lashed to the tree, shrub, etc. the spring pole branch is growing from.


Set your points and wrap the cord around the stock. If the foot loop isn't where it should be retie it. That's it, nothing but a couple boards, a couple nails some cord and sharp chisels.


This same basic lathe is the earliest known mechanical metal working machine, a metal spinning lathe. I don't have a reference for the lathes themselves but there are tool marks from spinning on ancient pieces. Dad and I went to the museum in LA once just to look at visiting Egyptian artifacts the gold cups, bowls, etc. specifically. Some were raised but some were obviously spun even though great pains were taken to eliminate tool marks.


Frosty The Lucky.

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