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Bought the farm Friday

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I'm still alive and kicking but I recorded the deed on the 23 acre farm that was built in 1861 and has been in the family since that time. My Great Grandfather and my Grandfather were both born in the master bedroom of this very house.My cousin Tom passed away without a proper will about two years ago and it has been a major leagal ordeal since, but I finaly came out on top, keeping the place in the hands of the family that should rightfully have ownership and Lord am I glad that ordeal has come to an end.
The reason for this thread is to post pictures of the forge build. The priority is the building that will be my new woodshop. I build custom staircases and fireplace mantles for a living and am in the process of moving shop from my previous building to one of the buildings here at home, but I also do a little blacksmithing and want to try my hand at bladesmithing soon. So one of the tractor sheds will be closed in for the purpose of ironwork and machining.There is a lot of work to be done but finaly having deed in hand, I have renewed enthusiasm.Will post a couple of pics this evening and hopfuly, if all goes well, there will be regular updates.
I'm a member of the guild so I thought it fitting to post here.Hope that is ok
Sorry for the long read but I'm a little exited about the whole thing and wanted to share with you who can appreciate where I'm coming from.

Photo 1
Couldnt get a good angle for this but this will be the forge. 18'x33' 8'ceiling at high end.I'm 6'4"so I'll add 10 to the other side with a gable roof for some hammer slingin' room

Photo 2
This welding table is at back of property. Will have it's place in the shop. It is 5'x12' and solid 1"thick plate of honkin' heavy steel.That's paint not rust

Photo 3
This has nothing to do with steel but is me with Tom's 59 Ford . This was his only transportation and he drove it everywhere he went.I use it for trips to the dump and my treestands out back.




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Congrats on saving the farm Patrick. My dad's family went through a nasty internal family "will" problem some years ago and the sides still haven't made up. The "bad" member even apologized and restituted many years ago as well.

Great joss for you!!

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My problems were'nt with family members.My whole family were behind me all the way. Tom had gotten rid of his most recent will to make his new one out to me, but died 5 days after given a year to live and before completing the new will.He actually died 2 hours before the notary arrived for the signing of the new will. A will written back in the late 70's to an old friend was found after he passed and was the only one signed so this was what we had to go on. Problem was, he and this "friend" had a bad falling out years ago and I had several letters from her ,written in 83 stating that she basicaly wanted nothing more to do with him ever again including several other nasty statements.This is, until she heard about the mixup with the will. Then she, in her words was "Tom's greatest love and knew he would want her to have his belongings."Should have seen her face when I started reading the words of this "sweet little old lady"from her very graffic and expletive filled letters in a meeting at the attourneys office (insert my great big grin here) leading to the amicable agreement that I purchase her interest for the sum of $80,000 for what totals 23.75 acres.Made me ill to have to pay for what was rightfully mine, but could have been worse.

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