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Frontier Bowie Knife with Rawhide Sheath


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Here is a new one I just finished up today, this one was a fun build  that everything just went well on. I actually forged this blade at Dave Dellagardelle's shop last weekend and he was kind enough to give me the piece of wood that became the handle. He had gotten it from Andy Davis who told me is was a museum grade desert ironwood burl and it is a gorgeous piece! I decided to go very rustic on this knife, but I believe to do the rustic look properly it also has to be very clean and I think I was able to get that balance on this knife.




Steel: 1084 hand forged

Blade: 8 1/2 inches long

Handle: 5 3/4 inches 

Handle material: Museum grade desert ironwood burl

Guard: textured wrought iron and bronze

Sheath: Raw hide and veg tanned leather with brass rivets and copper concho


Please let me know what you think, all comments are welcome and thank you for looking. 











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Knife is beautiful and understated.  The clean bright handle dot/pin seems somewhat contrary to rustic appearance of the guard and blade. Did you consider a dark finish on the pin?

The sheath, while beautiful and well-made, seems busy and "fancy" in comparison to the simplicity of the knife. Not sure if you make these for sale, and this is what the market likes for this type of piece, or you are replicating historical precedent?

Perhaps a simpler monochromatic sheath would better highlight the beautiful burl handle?

Nice work all around.

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