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I know Quadstate conference is on in Ohio this month. Co-incidentally, I was walking around our scrap paddock and noticed this old boiler. Most of our old steam stuff appears to originate from Lincoln, England, but this one was made in Springfield, Ohio. I guess Ohio was (is) a major centre for steel production in the U.S.
It's a long way from home!
Anyway, it reminded me of Quadstate. Hope you all have a great time there. Envy!

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Ohio was quite an industrial state in the 19th century and a lot of stuff got made here; Cleveland on the Great Lakes had Columbian Anvils and Vises made there, Cincinnati on the Ohio River for barge shipping and Ohio's central location made train shipping easy too, (Lima OH made locomotives...and tanks)

The Hanging Rock region did produce iron for casting and for conversion into steel with the last charcoal fueled blast furnace going out of blast around WWI (that late as it was a producer of speciality iron high in silicon...) The old coal lands were then snapped up by a paper company(s) and now some of them are parks. (I toured the area when I attended the IronMaster's Conference in Athens OH).

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i would have come up today, but i was on the trail of some steam ploughing engines reputed to be dumped in the johnstone river....

I reckon I know where those steam engines are. Or some similar anyway. A couple of years ago I went on a School of Distance Education camp in that area (just north of Innisfail) and when we took the kids on a trip along the river, there were steam engine wheels sticking out of the mud along the bank. I'll see if I can track down a photo or two. Definitely worth salvaging I thought at the time, but never did anything about it.
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