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rare monster JEB anvil

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speaking of JEB anvils (recent posts from eastern Europe) - take a look at the one at the bottom, a real monster (300-350kg?), and an unusual pattern around here, where 98% of the anvils are the Austrian (Steyeriche) which look like this: amboss.jpg


the one  below it's an anvil I know from 7-8 years now, and the seller haven't sold the anvil yet as she is asking too much. maybe If I go with a reasonable amount of cash i'll get it... if so, there will be a problem, moving/transporting it. I have a 160kg+ anvil, but it looks quiet tiny in comparison to this.


an interesting feature is that the anvil has the edges chamfered along the first 1/3 of the face length.

apart of a slight depression in the sweet-spot area, the face and edges are in a very good condition.

in fact you have plenty of flat face, which I would call it rather a table - it's so large that you could even take a nap on it :)


on both anvils posted here, the example and the anvil I'm speaking of, there's the JEB and

the 2 angels marking





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Hello Matei!


Thank you for posting these awesome pictures! They also confirm that  JEB - certainly - has made real big sized anvils. I have never seen bigger JEB than 100 kg before - but what have I seen all together?... :unsure:  


Hey and those are some very pretty knives on your website! Nice work!


Best wishes



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250 kg JEB falls also into the "wow" category!


Price range is pretty wide here, too. But with luck you can find the right piece at the right price. Ie. there is a 75 kg Peddinghouse only 30 km from my house - flawless condition german two horn. Asking price is 200 € but I really hope we can agree on lower price... (So just have to find the money for it ;) )





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