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Epoxy impregnated handles


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I've read people taking about epoxy empregnated cord handles. I want to try it out. However I just have a couple questions. What cordage works well for this? Is paracord good for this? If not what is? What kind of epoxy do you use? A single stage slow drying would be nice, but may not be best. Lastly, what method of impregnation do you use? Literally soak it in epoxy or what? Thanks! Yous da cooliest.

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I don't think I've tried a cord that doesn't work.  As long as it will absorb the epoxy into itself, it'll do fine.  Paracord works really well.


As for epoxy, the slower the set time and the thinner the consistency, the better.  I use West System epoxy with the 105 resin and 207 hardener.  Kind of pricy to start with, but it'll do a lot of handles.


I mix the epoxy then brush it on with a disposable acid brush.  I slather it on thick, hitting it with more when it absorbs into the fibers.  After everything is thoroughly coated, I'll let it sit for a minute, then flip it over to keep the excess from pooling on one side.  Flip it every few minutes until it doesn't seem to be pooling any more.  After it has set up for a little bit after that, wipe the excess off with a rag and allow it to harden the rest of the way.


On hairy natural cords like hemp, after it sets it may be rough and abrasive.  Hit it lightly with some sandpaper, then oil it and it'll be good to go.

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Not a clue.  I have no experience with it.  I do know that I immersed a knife with a cord wrapped handle into a black oxide acid solution for five minutes the other day, rinsed it off, and had no penetration into the cord or leather underneath.  That was with the West marine epoxy.


If the rod varnish if more readily available to you, or you think it'll work better, give it a crack and see how it goes.  I've used superglue and Minwax Wood Hardener, and the marine epoxy does better than either.

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