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Stupid question regarding sizes...


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I think I found a good steel supplier, but im confused by the sizes they list.


1/8 x 2 1084 Carbon Steel

What exactly am I going to get if I buy "1 each" of this?



My guess is 1/8th of an inch thick, by 2 inches wide, but then how long is it?  Im confused..

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Up a couple of headings in "tool and carbon blade steel" they describe how they operate:

A few of these steels come to us in 36" length (O1, CPMD2, W2). The rest come in 48" bars. You may wish to add instructions in the customer notes area for your order. Keep in mind that any parcel over a meter (think max steel length 36") will incurr an additional charge (canada Post) of $7.50). The store doesn't automatically calculate this because it can't read your notes about cutting instructions. It is helpful, if you acknowledge in your notes that it's OK to add this surcharge to your total. That saves us all the extra time involved in contacting you for approval.

All of our blade steel is sold by the linear inch, so you don't have to buy a whole bar to make a 9" knife. The exception is 6" width which is only sold as 6 x 36" sheets.

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Ah yes, thank you.  They will cut it for you any length you like.  Am I right in assuming the dimensions for that particular piece would be 1/8th of an inch thick, by 2 inches wide, and as long as I order? 

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