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  1. Ah yes, thank you. They will cut it for you any length you like. Am I right in assuming the dimensions for that particular piece would be 1/8th of an inch thick, by 2 inches wide, and as long as I order?
  2. I think I found a good steel supplier, but im confused by the sizes they list. 1/8 x 2 1084 Carbon Steel What exactly am I going to get if I buy "1 each" of this? My guess is 1/8th of an inch thick, by 2 inches wide, but then how long is it? Im confused..
  3. Ah so I have a few minutes. Here are some pictures of the last 2 "knives" ive made.. (Sorry, know this is the forge forum, but just trying to introduce myself kinda) These are only my 4th and 5th real attempt at a knives, granted, but its still pretty sloppy work (in my defense all I have access to right now as far as shaping tools, are poor grindstones and bastard files.. AND, they truely do look better in person then in these pictures lol..). But hey, at least they kind of look like knives (the second one can actually slice paper pretty cleanly). First one was forged, from a piece 1/2 inch scrap bar I pulled from the steel bin at work. The second, I actually cheated I guess, and traced my design onto a sheet of steel, then cut it with plasma and finished it with grinders. Both are xxxx poor steel, and will never really go anywere. Ive heard it said many times around these types of forum that "your first 50 blades are practice", so ive just been using junk metal to learn the basics and techniques for now, getting more indepth and complex as I go. I figure after I make another couple dozen of these primitive knives I might pick up some proper steel and make a go of it. Plenty of questions and comments coming tomorrow guys, I appreciate the helpfulness and plan to take advantage of it lot.
  4. Well, thanks for the replys guys. After the first couple days of nothing, I was worried you were all laughing quietly at my sad, mickey mouse setup. I don't have the time at the moment, but tomorrow I want to reply to most of your individual comments, and I have a few other questions. (And a some pictures of the 2 new sad little "knives" I made this week.
  5. Just incase somebody mentions it, I do have an anvil in the immdiate area. I had moved it to the shop for some modifications during these pictures (cut a hardy hole, weld some of the mass on instead of using clamps, unfortunatly I havent got the chance yet.). It is also a half , jerry rigged piece for now. A chunk of I beam with some work. Anvil: I know this isint great, it works for now, but I have some ideas. Anvil horn: Put this on the day I took the pictures, works nice. I imagine those straps will snap soon though. Ill weld that or something like it in its place.
  6. Ive been into the idea of blacksmithing for about a year now. Ive heated some rebar and pounded it flat in a half pit I made in my back yard. I'm getting more serious though, and into the hobby. I've setup a new forge design at my work, in the back of the shop out of the way. I cleared out a nice area and set up, I have pictures, any advice or comments from you guys would be appreciated here, real greenhorn here.. Cleaned up my work area: Backbladed the hard packed earth, cleared out alot of that (potential fire hazard) grass, laid down some rock and evened it out, cleared away debris, and just organized the area. Forge: Here's the forge, cleaned up. Inside of forge: Here's what the empty forge looks like, you can see my air induction pipe. I have holes on the top and both sides to let air out. Might drill a big one near the entrance to regulate airflow. Charcoal Station: Here I make half my fuel. I bake wood into charcoal basically. I stuff the small drum full of wood bits, then put it in the bigger drum, upside down, and build a fire around it. Gas escapes out a couple holes I put in the top, but no oxegen gets in as it burns, hence charcoal. Baking Charcoal: Here it is at work. More charcoal: Made anoter area to render charcoal. The can's do the same as the barrel, just on a smaller scale. Need to grab a few more cans. Charcoal: Here's that charcoal I rendered in the last pictures, dug a pit, lined it with a tarp and covered it, my new charcoal supply. Ready to go: Forge bowl is full of raw fuel, broken up store bought briquettes, homemade charcoal, and wood scraps. Forge itself is just a old break drum, with a sheet of steel welded on the outside to provide a higher wall. The air induction is just a steel pipe, capped at one end, with some holes drilled in, and a $15 hair dryer taped to the end to provide the air. I start it by building a fire below it and it catches the paper in the bottom of the bowl through the holde Heating up: Letting it get a nice hot coal bed going. Ready to forge: Doesn't take long to get a great heat from here, almost too hot, you have to watch it. Any suggestions you would make to help me improve my setup? (Should mention some pictures are a few days older then others, which is why you see broken bricks, and grass in some but others are cleaner.)