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Curved face on post anvil


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Hey all,

i didn't know where to post this topic, so i guess this will do hopefully. i recently got a nice old piece of steel that will be sunk into a 6'' inch wide piece of 4 foot approx PVC pipe full of concrete. The thing is, the face of the anvil is slightly crowned. Would this effect the performance of the anvil? I will be using this anvil for bladesmthing, and I've heard the Japanese work on crowned anvils too. The pipe would weigh about 400# plus (i did an electronic calculation). Should i grind it flat, or leave as is? 



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The crown will work fine. You should only be forging 4" at a time. I would also look into getting a length of RR track or I-beam at least 10-12" long. It doesn't have to have a lot of weight to it... just a long face to help straighten blades. I suppose a cement floor would work in a bind, too. Its not necessary but helpful.


Perhaps I'm wrong but your weight calculation seems much too high. A quick head calculation of a 6"dia x 48" tube of cured concrete would be around 120lbs.

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