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found in the scrapyard


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I found this in a local scrapyards, I know what it is, but I would like to get a model number etc. And then try to get an operators manual etc. I'm sure that among you wise sages there will be someone who can not only tell me how to use this thing, but also how to make the best of it. Please help!



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Looks like a Wagner portable sprayer for painting and possibly stucco application.  You pour your mix down the funnel on the top and it gets shot out the end of a hose.

That much I know! I got the tools with it and a number of 'jets' I am trying to get some sort of tutorial/users manual rather than just banging in some paint, starting it up and twiddling with the knobs, a couple of years ago I would have done just that, but as I get older I'm trying to be more ER..... sensible ??????

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