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A Leuku For Me


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I was starting to become very embarrassed when people would ask me if I had a knife I made on me and all I would ever have is a crappy knife I made a few years ago that more resembles a shiv then a proper knife, so when I could stand it no more I made myself a simple leuku. This knife is common in northern Europe and often used by the Sammi reindeer herders. I have recently come to enjoy these knives and decided to make one just for me. The blade is 1090 with hamon and measures 5 1/2 inches long, copper ferrule leather spacers and Minnesota birch burl. My fiance and I were hunting pasque flowers this morning when I took this photo, new knife for a new spring. All comments are welcome, but since this one is mine I wasn't too fussy about it being a very nice knife, just simple and utilitarian. It also has a simple brown pouch sheath not shown in the picture as I was too lazy to take it off my belt for the photo :) 
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Robert: Thanks for just posting the pic, the photobucket site seems to be more pitch than pics. You have a nice series of blades but I couldn't tell which you were referring to.


This post fixes it for me. Very nice blade, I love well finished birch burl, it's not well known but it can be spectacular. Being a for follows function guy I'm much more attracted to utility than pretty, I think you've nailed both. More than the simple utilitarian design your fit and finish is beautiful.


Frosty The Lucky.

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