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I Forge Iron

I found a what do you call it?

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Found this during a roadside cleanup, I don't know what it is but I'll re-dress it and use it as a cone mandrel. It is heavy cast iron and I might fill it with sand. Anyone know what this is or have any other suggestions as to what to do with it?


I also found a sledge head, small  gauge rr rail (for stake anvils), and a broken tow strap.

Thanks, Caintuck







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I'd call it a cone mandrel!  Nice size too.  My smaller one was part of a valve covering the stem/packing.  My larger one was the nose cone for a ballistic missile.  Handy things to have if you do a lot of rings!


I wondered about the How too; but either way it's been de-mil'd and is "safe"  I have found items in the scrapyard that I didn't want to have *ANYTHING* to do with save for alerting the owner and the local sherrif and making sure they didn't get into their crusher before being checked out...

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it is an "8 in Howitzer Bore Clear Adptor"  "HBCA" a long rod is screwed toghether then that is attached to the end the cone to fit over the Nose of round to knock it out of the Chamber / Barrel !  an 8 in round is NOT a shell cased round it is just a round with different powders (phos,and several powder charges from 2 Lb to 5 Lb set behind the round when loaded in the chamber) 


I hope this helps you out .


The how to for the 8 In Howitzer Maintenence .



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No not near any here, I think I will clean it up with the angle grinder flapwheel and polish. Would you recommend filling it with something? If I did do that I would have to fill the slots at the bottom which I might do anyway, but I do not weld cast iron.
Also I think I will turn a cone cap for the top on the lathe...

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Regular blacksmithing cones are generally hollow cast iron. I would not do anything but clean the outside and *use* it.  Blacksmith cones often have a vertical slot in them to provide a place to use tongs on a ring being worked so slots are not a concern to me.


As for a cone cap---I'd suggest making a hardy tool for small ring work, generally handier than working on the top of a cone.

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