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Hey all,

I'm looking for another Wv Blacksmith looking to purchase square stock or any other steel from Mont Levine in Fairmont. Apparently they have a minimum order of $300 and quite frankly that's a bit much for what I have plans for.

I have need for a small quantity of both round and square stock, was thinking maybe we could split the cost for what we need.

Or, if anyone knows where I can purchase small quantities of stock, that informationwould be much aappreciated.


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I get my small orders of stock from a local business that uses steel---a windmill repair and installation company 2 miles from my shop.

The sell steel to the public at about 25% to 33% less than the local lumberyard and have a better selection.  They will even piggy back orders for special stuff as they get a bigger discount from the steelyard the bigger the order they have.


It's about 50 miles from my shop to the nearest steelyard so the travel costs build up fast too.  I do tend to visit the "real" steel yard when I'm up that way on another task...

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where I live , purchasing 100# of steel IS a small order,  if looking for just a few feet of stock, McMasterCar, and Metal Supermarkets both have online stores. I looking for tools steel, I have lots of lists but  different placces for dif stock...

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