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Doesn't have top be the worlds greatest camera. The main idea is to allow you to quickly document things you might want to remember. If might be a tool or jig, shop layout, project ideas... whatever. Sketch books are great and help you really retain information, but when things are moving rapidly, it's tough to pay attention and get all the stuff recorded well.


I was given a small pocket digital camera a few years back for Christmas and at the time figured I wouldn't use it since what I really wanted was a nice digital SLR. Since then I almost never go anywhere without the small one, and the big camera stays home and only goes out when I really plan to take picts. I use the small one to document tools I find useful. Note brands or model numbers for later reference. Use it with a tape to record dimensions... The list just keeps on going.

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Good for you! You are really going to enjoy this. Being in the presence of blacksmiths has always be pleasurable for me. an address book is a good idea so you can get phone numbers, addresses and such.


Frosty The Lucky.

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