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Thank-you for posting those pictures! Here's my picture, showing the similarity of anvils made by Renato Muskovic in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Your post taught me something, and gave me an excuse to showcase a source of new big anvils. (yay Renato). AnvilOnStump.jpg Y

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On 4/6/2014 at 10:03 PM, Jakesshop said:

Just got my dream double horn anvil after a two year wait/hunt. This 407 lbs anvil now needs a clean up and a good stout stand made for it. Made in 1949. post-35726-0-75815000-1396760358_thumb.jpost-35726-0-26045700-1396760428_thumb.j

Noticed that my old picturees won't come up anymore. So here's some replacements of this S&S anvil. Showing after I made a stand for it.56a8053c1a350_001(3).thumb.JPG.c4740e0b056a8058218256_002(5).thumb.JPG.070191206

For somewhere I got this advertisement on S&S anvils.


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