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unknown 5th foot anvil

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weight is 63kg at a guess 140 lbs

had not seen an anvil with the extra bit near the base before, anyone have any ideas of the use of it.

no markings, 3 handling holes 

table is 5" wide overall length is 17" and height is 10"




it has a lot of wear and a big indentation in the horn, the hardy hole is about 3/4 inch

this has been identified on another thread as a 5th foot anvil from 1600 to 1800.

has anyone got anything else to add to what is known about this?

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The extra foot is thought to be a reinforcement for striking.  The hammer man stood on that side of the anvil with the sledge, wailing away, and that extra bit of metal both reinforced that side of the anvil and prevented it from tipping over.

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