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Foot operated portable forge


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Hi all!

I am restoring a foot operated portable forge. The forge was a wrec, and a lot of the steel rusted away.
The blower was broken of. Now i final got the blower running. ( after a lot of cast iron welding).
And the forge begin to take form. Now to my questions, The drive belt is missing and i need som help with that.
Do any of you know how to make a new one?

Thanks for help! 


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Good morning all

Espen – attached is a picture of a drive belt on a rivet forge. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the splice. I went to the leather goods store bought a ¼ inch thick leather strap 1 1/4 wide, punched holes in the ends and lashed it together (butt spliced)and Bob’s your Uncle. -grant


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When I put a new belt on my portable I used a 1/4" copper rivet and washers.  I cut it from a half hide I had bought for other uses.  Not a proper splice but I didn't know any better then.  That was seven or eight years ago and the belt still works. 

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