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FleaMarket report 2007-10-05; Socorro NM: 1 socket chisel (preform for small spear point), 2 cold chisels (stock for knifemaking if they spark out high C, make other chisels and drifts from them as well), 1 3/4" drift in great shape will save and use as a drift; 1 2# old crosspeen hammer head---for the table at the SWABA meeting. Total cost US$2 and a nice walk on a Friday Morning before work.

As the closet place to buy alloy steels is 80+ miles away I'm happy. One of the chisels is quite old and if it's a simple carbon steel I may try some differential hardening on it.

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I try to go to our local flea market about once a month when they run it. It only runs 6 or 7 months a year maybe. I usually have a few things I'm looking for specifically, mostly punches, chisels, files and until recently old pipe wrenches to use as twisting wrenches. This most recent trip I found one that should do me just fine for 99% of the twists I want to make, so I probably won't pick up anymore. But occasionally I find hammers or hammer heads or an odd pair of tongs, or just some totally random metal thing I decide I need. Flea markets are indeed a great place for blacksmiths..

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I saw an old Solder pot this weekend. It was quite old. Maybe 60 years or more. It had 10 or so irons with it. I was just after a jigsaw and didn't have the money or an actual need at $40. I didn't even get the name. At first I thought it was a forge, but it was neat to see. I didn't want to dawdle too long as these guy can be pretty persistent, and in my neck of the woods the flea market prices are sometimes more than new.

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