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tiny post type vice


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i know its a bad picture, but it`s cast, the rivets are just for looks, and that is a Canadian quarter for scale. no markings and missing the bar for the mount clamp. any idea what its for and what its worth? i`m looking at buying it, but neither the owner nor i know what value it would have. thanks

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Many companies made these type of small bench vises.  Some are better made than others.  You can tell the quality by looking at how well the jaws line up and overall appearance and feel.  They were used for small work, obviously.  I have a German made Boker vise that is a work of art.  And I have seen many of these at flea markets than I would throw into my scrap pile.


Value is what you think it it worth to you.  The junky ones seen to sell for the $10 to $20 range around here.  The better ones much higher.


Again, what is it worth to you, and do you collect them(someone collects everything out there), or do you have a use for it.  Or just buy it and clamp it to a shelf and look at it.  Your call.

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I like these little vises, but not the cast ones.  I have about a dozen forged vises.  I have noted that many of them have center punch marks on one side of the jaws, usually 3 punch marks.  Any idea about why?  Are they maker marks?  Maker's shop marks?

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