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Guillotine fuller I made ...


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Guillotine fuller I made this past weekend. Made from 1/2" steel.

I wanted to try and send this photo by cell phone. It worked. I am in the process of building a set of front and back bumpers for my Polaris 850 xp ho. I have been building the bumpers in my mind for a couple of weeks and was stumped on the ends of the bumpers. I decided to build the bumpers with rounded ends as opposed to welding caps on the end of the pipe. Upon seeing the guillotine fuller working on pipe I decided to make this fuller. I will be using roll cage pipe for my bumpers. They are .093 wall thickness[i believe thats what was told to me].
I made this fuller with 1/2" steel plate. The pipe I will be using is 1 1/2" in diameter.


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Looks like a great bit of work.  I've been meaning to build something similar, but just never get around do it.


Just remember that when you heat that pipe up it acts like a chimney.  All that super-hot air will come right out the end nearest you and can be a might uncomfortable if you get in its way.

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Roll up a piece of news paper to plug the end of the pipe and stop the heat from coming out. ​The major safety concern is Do NOT QUENCH the hot end with your hands or face anywhere near the opening of the cool end. Steam can rocket out and give you a scalding burn!!!!!!! 

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On black iron pipe that's threaded I go ahead and use a pipe cap, like when your making candle cups... Then when I am flaring the other end I can whack it with a wooden mallet;-) then neck it down

and yah steam cannon firing off into any part of you is so not cool...

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