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CompAir Hydrovane 25 Air Compressor: to buy or not to buy?! Help!

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Hello to all!
A CompAir Hydrovane (rotary screw) model 25PURS, With air dryer & tank , used 14,700 hrs is the subject here. I need more shop air -- expanding with more employees -- have plenty of room for it, just
don't know if nearly 15k hrs is too much this good maker of rotary screw compressors.

It will likely go for ~ $400 to $700. Runs and LOOKS great. I've only got experience with piston compressors, for which 15k hrs would be a lot of use, I think.

Any advise would be MOST appreciated. Thanks. All I know is that Alan Evans has a similar Hydrovane, with which he's said he's quite happy. post-40084-0-08326000-1392739295_thumb.j

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Hydrovane compressors are not screw compressors, you need a tank with the hydrovane. It boils down to how much air you need I have a 50 hp Palatek and 30 hp Gardner Denver(GD) screw compressors although we have an accumulator tank either compressor can supply air to the shop without it.

Recently a bearing went on the GD I was quoted a price of $1500 to fix it. We are the second owners but we have a very complete service record for the life of the compressor and the last time the pump was rebuit was 1990. The rebuild price is not bad considering the duty cycle of the machine. I think that even a screw compressor in rough shape can be brought up to speed with a good rebuild.


I have heard that hydrovane compressors have a very long life but I can not confirm that.



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We bought a new 25hp Quincy rotary screw this past year with drier and the whole package was $22K - so for the price, you could certainly take a gamble - especially considering you watched it run.


I'm absolutely amazed how quiet the Quincy is - less noise that some air conditioners I've been around.

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I have an old Garden Denver 7.5 hp screw. The local repair guy told me that the only thing that really goes out in is the bearings as long as water is not left sitting in them. Not sure about your specific unit but for that price i'd give it a try. The motor and dryer are worth that i'd think.

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The Hydrovanes are rotary vane, not screw compressors. If you have a continuous air demand, they are very good. My experience with them is fairly limited, but how well they work in a given application seems to depend on the demand profile. They like to work steadily.


The ones I have used are either on or off, much like a piston compressor. They don't tend to run on Variable-Speed Drives, so if your air demand is half their capacity, they run half the time, whereas a modern screw compressor on a VSD would run continuously at half speed.


It seems to be the number of starts/stops, at least as much as the actual running hours, that determines life expectancy. 14700 hours in 2 years would mean almost continuous running and be much better than 14700 hours in 10 years.


I've seen them with 80000-90000 hours and still running sweetly with no more than routine maintenance in water treatment applications (continuous run at 6 bar for aeration systems; no receiver).

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