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My Small Coal Forge Build


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Well I built this thing today from an old set of server racks. My first solid fuel brake drum forge, I'm building a gas forge as well. Pictures are next to my new stump anvil. I need to brace it and raise it on some sturdy legs. There is a burn ban on right now. You can see how dry it is here in West Texas, so no trail runs. But hopefully ill have the shop built soon.





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You're on a roll...keep going and you'll be forging before you know it  :)


BTW, get a good stock of sucker rod when you can.  Makes for great forging steel.  You are fortunate to live where you are.  Many places don't have sucker rod or even know what it is for that matter.

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Seeing a set up like that warms the heart.  Nothing beats simple!


Have to admit that seeing that layout makes me think about keeping everything low to the ground and doing all of my smithing from a nice comfy stool.  The older I get, the more I seem to appreciate all those third-world smiths you see on youtube.... sitting on the ground with a small fire and simple anvil... 


I've got an old tractor seat that's just begging me to turn it into a rolling stool for the shop. 

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I built this in my buddy's shop. He has a nice plasma cutter and his welder is much better than mine. Plus it's inside. any who, when I took it off the bench and set it on the ground his response was " oh I didn't know you were building a coffee table". My response was yes, but you can roast marsh mellows on this baby! cracked my self up with that one.


It does remind my of a couple izakayas I have been in, in Japan. They have a charcoal brazier in the center of the table. Then they bring you raw shrimp, or then strips of beef. Nothing like drinking cold beer and grilling at your own table. If all else fails I'll use it for that!

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