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Neat Lil DetaIL Tool #2 How to Make

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Greetings again all,


This is a how to make the neat lil detail tool that I posted earlier.  This one is for the hammer strike version but applies to the welding hammer version as well .


A simple 5/8 bolt about 6 in long ..  dill a 1/4 hole about .060 deep


Make up a couple of old long taper bits to force into the hole to form the flutes.   Start with the longer tapered one first than to the flatter end one...


Take a nice orange heat and drive in the first bit... 


Take another heat and do the same with the flatter bit..  Hammer around the bar to form the metal on the drift..


Let all the parts cool..   


I use a jewelers file to clean out the flats to make it smooth for the tools to slip in and out..


Finish by forming the head of the bolt to taste and a small cut grove to keep the rubber band in check..


I call this method ( THE BLACKSMITH BROACH )  LOL


Have fun...   Forge on and make beautiful things












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You know..... I've come to expect this from you !!! LOL!

Interchangeable/quick change tooling is a wonderful thing when trying to be productive.

If the holder was left straight (no cap) could it be used in another type of press,say a
fly press?
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Greetings Vapremac,


Yes ... All it takes is an arbor that is tapered from 1 in  to 5/8 that will lock into the fly press...  Hot work not so much..  Its hard to keep the tool cool and messy.   What I do when using it this way is locate the mark on the stock with a laser pointer set the depth on the press ... Than free hand the impression moving the stock...  I only do this when I have a lot of the same impressions and want to control the depth..   I did not bring this up because most do not have presses and I wanted to keep it simple...  


Forge on and Machine beautiful things


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skimming through my followed threads and had a question about this particular gem for you Jim.  do you think something like this could be used as a one-tool-to-hold-them-all for chisels and punches for engraving and chasing/repousse?  would scavenged Phillips/flat head/other quick change type drill bits be good enough steel to cannibalize and repurpose into cutting tools? (largely non-ferrous, but steel would also be nice)  I think the receiving hole in the shaft will need to be a pretty tight tolerance fit to keep the bit from wobbling or bouncing laterally when struck at angles other than vertically down into the work, no?


I don't think I will be able to do anything with this information for at least 3 months if not more, but I didn't want to forget between now and then :) it would be a lot nicer to carry one tool holding shaft and a bunch of little interchangeable bits than a whole bedroll of full length tools to go along with my portable ball vice.

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Greetings Chinobi,


If you are concerned about tool wobble all you have to do is cut the chisels shorter so that the working end just sticks out of the shaft..  I have also made some from old welding chipping hammers with a handle and welded a rounded squash ball on the striking end for work at the treadle hammer..  Yes you can dress the ends for cutting soft metals .  Most screw driver bits are quite hard and if you keep them cool while dressing to shape they will work just fine. The tools are a breeze to make and work great.. Why wait try one...  Again the best thing I found to hold the tool is a rubber band..  Great lil detail tool...


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Yea I'm loving the simplicity of it all, of course my imagined(pipe dream) version has a set screw to catch the groove of the bits, or even a spring backed ball bearing detent :p but that might end up being a version 2.0 kind of feature!

I would crack into it sooner, but if I start on random machining projects when I *should* be doing wedding planning tasks, my fiancé is likely to turn the hammer on ME! So my shop is kind of on ice until mid august :'(

I did already tell my dad to start saving all blown out bits for me after you put this up initially though :-D

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