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I Forge Iron

G'day from Eastern Ontario


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G'day all,
I would like to introduce myself since I've been lurking for a few weeks now and have found you bunch of people to be quite informative and friendly.

My story is pretty simple as I am just starting out on this whole smithing journey. I've been interested in self-sufficiency for a while, perhaps because my day job is shoving electrons around circuit boards. Over the last year I've been reading several books on creating things with wood, iron, stone and the like but I never really seemed like I was ready to take the plunge. That changed a few weeks ago when I decided to make myself a forge from some on-line plans. A few days later I went to the Williamstown Fair here in Ontario and met a very happy lady smith who gave me some interesting tips and new reading material.

I was doing some searching for equipment, more specifically an anvil, figuring it was the one thing that was going to be difficult to find and happened upon a local blacksmith selling this Peter Wright 109# anvil on a classified sales site I've never heard of before. Turns out I knew the gentleman selling it from another local attraction over at Upper Canada Village. It was a little closer to $3/lbs than I thought to pay but I decided to snap it up. I've added a picture below.

Then, rather than working on my home brew forge, the wife wanted to go up to Merrickville, a very interesting place to visit. Unfortunately for the pocketbook I found a nice working farrier forge which will do me for learning a few of the basics. It still needs some repairs and such but the price was pretty good. I've been working on the leather drive belt and on loosing all the screws so I can clean it up real good.

At this point, I'm very close to pounding hot metal but just not quite there yet!
See you guys around!

3rd photo is a duplicate only enhanced.




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Wait a mo, I think I've been jilted. It was your first word Gobinu, that invited me to read on but alas, no mention of what I thought may have been your mother country.

Thasorright tho it seems our language is preferred in more places than we Aussies think. First it was a trickle then a flood. Strine (the language) is gunna rule one day for sure.

Welcome cobber

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Welcome to the forum . Be warned that one tool just isn't enough!!! That's the fun of the craft. You can make the tools to make the tools.

Looks like you came out pretty well on the Peter wright. My 115 is a bit more like Jayco's, needs a bit of TLC when I find time.


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