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First set of tongs


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Managed to make my first set of tongs. I am pretty happy with them. I did end up with a small cold shut on one of the jaws but Ill use them till they give up. Think this is my 5th project, still working on all my forge tools. Having a blast!





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Merry Almost,


A good way to start. If there is a crack, grind out the crack and weld it back up with stick or mig, which ever you have.

The crack is from hammering when the material is too cold.


The weakest part of tongs is the transition from the hinge area to the jaw and the start of the reins. You can leave a little more material there and they will be stronger. I taper the reins from the hinge area to the tip, if you work about 3" at a time you can see the transition and control it. Cut off any excess length for the reins.


A very nice start. Please don't take my comments as negative criticism



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Looks good for a first pair, LOTS better than my first three. I use coil spring stock, it's stronger so I can make lighter tongs that will till take a good grip without bending. You just need to remember to not let them get into red heat without cooling, about the only thing I use my quench bucket for regularly.


Frosty The Lucky.

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