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Horseshoe Knife


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Yes you can make a stone knife---but not every type of stone will make a good one.  Yes you can make a ceramic knife but not every type of ceramic will make a good one. Yes you can make a bronze knife but not every alloy of bronze will make a good one.


In general horseshoes are made from low carbon steel; hence a letter opener rather than a knife.

However you can forge weld an HC edge to it as was common in medieval times


If you want to call anything that looks like a knife a knife then you can make one out of bread!


Note too that A.G. Russell once sharpened a flattened and bent over Al beer can till you could shave with it---it just didn't hold that edge long in use.

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I find most people appreciate the uniqueness of the wrench, rr spike and horseshoe knifes. They usually buy them for their 'Papa' who's probably not going to run out and stab somebody, anyhow. They are happy and I make a few bucks, (which makes mama happy).


Just finished a set of wrench steak knives for a U.S. Marine who is soon to return from Afghanistan. He's happy, too!

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