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first decorative item that i have sold


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Alright gents, I have made very very few decorative pieces and the couple that I have made were gifts, my general area of work comes from the farmers around here that needs things straightened out on equipment, chain hooks, draw bars, hitches, etc... So this is the first decorative item that I made and sold, it was on comission actually. Hope you all enjoy! It is about 12" tall


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Greetings Brown,


Congratulations on your first commission ...  I'll just bet you did not charge enough.. LOL  We never seem to charge a lot on the first one...   Forge out some neet things and hang them in your shop..   The next thing you know people will be coming over just to see what's new and what they can buy...  What normally happens is people see what you can do and soon you will have new commissions..  


Forge on and make beautiful things..


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