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Hi from western Colorado

jim frank

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Hi everyone. I've lurked a bit here and there, and decided to register so I can access the blueprint page for a treadle hammer. I mostly post over on Sword Forum International, and several of our guys there are also active here.

I just rejoined the Grand Valley Blacksmith's guild, and I look forward to going to local hammer ins and such. I've been hammering steel for about 30 years or so, just as a casual hobbyist, and I'm finally starting to get better at knife making.

I have a nice little smithy, with a coal and a propane forge, a couple of tempering ovens, a wire feed welder, a good old anvil, and a post vice. My grandsons and my nephew are enthusiastic about making knives and swords, and they are a bunch of fun to work with.

I recently welded up a stack of stuff in a cannister, and about wore myself out hammering the billet into a size that was workeable, so my next big project is to whip up some kind of treadle hammer.

I love forging!

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Glad to have you here. Probably won't see much of you if you're going through the bp's now. Lots of great information there. Good luck. took you 30 years to weld a can, hope it's not quite that long before the next one. ;) be sure to post pictures when you can as they are quite appreciated.

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Hmmm, broadcast engineer, now there are two of you on ifi

my personal opinion is you going to be dissapointed in a treadle hammer for any kind of serious work unless it one of Stan, (trying its) design. My advise find another smith with one and try it, before you make one.

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Welcome Jim,

This is great blacksmith site you're going to like like it here. I also live in western Colorado. I live in Clifton. Do you know what happen to the Grand Valley Blacksmith's Guild's website? I was going to join it but lost contact with them. Any information would be appreciated.

Happy Hammin

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The Grand Valley Blacksmith's Guild's website (www.gvbg.com) has been canceled according to the internet.

If someone gets in contact with them, tell them we will provide a forum for their organization on IForgeIron. This offer is open to any Blacksmithing group or organization.

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Hmm- I called up a gal out in Mack and signed up. I'll have to dig up the newsletter at home and post the contact information.

I can't imagine that even a crummy treadle hammer could be any worse than trying to swing a six pound sledge with one hand while holding the work with the other. There are very few blacksmiths around here, that I know about. Maybe some of the GVBG members will have a treadle hammer.

The last time I was at a hammerin/meeting, it was in Clifton, but I forget the guy's name who owned it. I was up there a couple of months ago, and the shop is gone. It was just south of the railroad tracks, about half a block west of 32 road, sort of catty corner to the convenience store.

He had a great shop, all sorts of mouth watering tools, gas and coal forges, power hammers, huge belt grinder, milling machine. Too bad he's not there any more.

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