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Could use some help identifying my anvil

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I recently aquired this anvil from the farm my grandpa moved to some years ago. He took it with him to the farm from his old house when he moved but instead of storing it somewhere he sat it outside as some sort of yard art. My grandpa died around this time last year and the only thing I told my i guess she would be my grandmother in law that I wanted was the anvil because I remember being in awe of it as a kid and ever since Ive had an interest in smithing. I went down there today and finally picked it up, I actually went alone and didnt realize just how big the dang thing is and it feels like it weighs a metric ton lol.


I finally got it back to my place with a lot of luck and sweat. From what my "grandma" tells me it belonged to my great great grandfather and he did some sort of smithing, I actually learned today from my dad that this same relative was in the civil war so I suppose he was pretty old. It doesnt have a lot of markings on it but the ones that are on it dont tell me a lot. I dont see the weight anywhere on it and I cant find anything on the mark so thats why I am turning to you guys.


I would just like to know some info on the anvil if you know anything and know if its a good anvil to start with and if it looks like it is in decent shape, I think its been sitting in the elements of Kentucky for a good at least 15 years and my knowledge of anvils is lacking to say the least, but I am looking for a good jumping off point. Thanks for any help you can give.








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Appears to be a Hay Budden. You can make out the BROOKLYN N Y part of the logo. If you look at the bottom under the horn there should be a serial number stamped. You can get an estimate of the date it was made from that number.

It appears to be in excellent condition, just needs a sturdy stand, some hot iron, a hammer and some muscle power! The only abuse it has seen is lack of use!

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Wow, I dont know how I missed those. Just under the horn is a pretty easy to read 5 and on the base of the anvil there is a series of numbers looks like 74050 I have pictures so I can get second opinions. Out of curiousity what does the OFS stand for? Also any ideas how much this thing weighs?




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Hay Budden serial # 74050 dates your anvil at 1901 according to Anvils In America. The weight may have been stamped on the side where the other markings are but further down on the waist of the anvil. My Hay Budden has the weight stamped on the front foot but it is not that old

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"Grandma" tells me it belonged to my great great grandfather

Grandpa took it with him to the farm from his old house when he moved

Grandmother in law gave you the anvil.

You got it from the farm with permission and as a wonderful gift.


From great great grandfather and now to you it has been family property.


Identification positive,it is now YOUR ANVIL. (grin) When ever you use the anvil, think of those that have used it and cared for it in the past.

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