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First try at san mai !


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This is my first effort at san mai construction on a blade. The steel is 14 layers of 304 and 316 stainless either side of a core of O1. The metallurgy of this one took some head scratching to get right :lol:


Its not finished yet - handle just dry fitted. Some tweaks before if all becomes permanent !


Sorry for the low quality pic - I will update the thread when its all finished up and we get some of that 'daylight' ive heard about :D



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i ddnt even know that stainless could be fire welded!

there is my new learned thing for the day!

in the head scratching department- is it all about finding a welding temp that corresponds to the properties of the steels?


nice work, will be great to see it finished ;)

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i've never looked into that section, as I'm not a knife man and don't want to get lost!!!!!!!!

maybe if I lay a path of breadcrumbs, I wont get too bushed :unsure:

that sunshine stuff isn't all it is cracked up to be john.... ;)


steve, sorry if I am asking questions that are already answered, I don't mean to annoy. I just cant help it most of the time :p

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