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Been forging awls, video

Everything Mac

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Thanks guys.

I've had issues with copyright on the original audio I was using and the video got pulled. I've had to change the audio file to a YouTube suggested version which doesn't seem to be too offensive.

Bit annoying but the video is back up now.

Cheers for the comments. - I'm loathed to say it but "like and subscribe" (I feel so dirty)

All the best

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Greetings Mac,


Just like the previews at the movies...  I wish only I could do so well...    Just a suggestion ... When you form the ring and you are about to twist the ends....

Just take a heat on the ends .. clamp the ends in the vise..  Insert the mandrel in the hole and twist... Saves trying to round them up on the anvil...  You will have to finish the tail end but you will get a tighter twist ...   Great video....


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Nice video Andy. I've only made a few awls for folk who wanted one made by me. Well, there was one I did at a demo.


I agree with Jim, you're putting WAY too much work into hammering the wrap on the loop. Bend it in half, insert a mandrel and twist is the only way to go, it's fast, easy and works very well.


I also unwind springs with the scrolling forks, it's fast and easy with good results. I heat the spring slip it down on a fork arm, pull some out and bend it straight aver the other arm. It takes less time to straighten a length than write the description.


Have you thought about punching and drifting an eye like a Speedy Stitch needle? I LOVE my Speedy Stitch, been using it for probably 40 years and a chain stitch is plenty secure for leather. Not that a saddle stitch isn't better in most regards.


Good memories, thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Frosty The Lucky.

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