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Free form forging


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This is something I enjoy doing - taking scraps and forging without a plan. Sometimes they come out nice, sometimes they don't. Not quite sure about this one yet and still playing with a base for it. Was four 8mm gussets that I had lying around. Excuse the really bad cell phone pic.




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Letting it flow so to speak helps a person to develop skill in thinking on the fly and cooperating with the material. My first impression was of critters talking till you pointed out the negative space crosses. I missed the negative space entirely at first blush.


Nice piece, well done.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Frosty. I've been making knives for so long I'm out of practice and it's good to be back exercising the creative lump. My forge and box bellows is almost done so I can get the heats my forging oil forge doesn't allow for so I'll hopefully be forging a lot more "stuff" for the flee markets next month.

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