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Wilderness Bushcraft Knives


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Here is my new line of Wilderness Bushcraft Knives. This first series will have 20 knives in it unless they are popular in which case I will make more. The first ten are made from 1095 and the others will be made from 1095 and some from pattern welded steel. The first eight are shown here  with photos of the sheathes to come next week. The blades are 4 inches x 1 inch wide with a handle that is 4 1/2 inches long. The handle is made from textured aluminum, walnut, leather spacers, and curly maple. Please let me know what you think as suggestions may alter future incarnations of this line of knives. Thanks for looking!






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I like wot you have done a lot...making a series of knives builds so many skills. You have a good eye for a nice shape.

That said, I would not use aluminum on a knife. For sure easy to work with and at first it looks really nice. But it oxidizes. That rubs off on hands, clothing etc. and then it does not look so good, Nickel is almost as easy to fit and looks great. It oxidizes also but to me, even looks warmer and nicer when it does, up to a point anyway. The surface can be restored by a good wiping on a piece of levi. 

416 ss is a bit cheaper than nickel and holds up really well. Your knives deserve a step up...My thoughts anyway,,,Keep em coming. 

And again it may be just me but I like the guard to extend a little below the bottom line of the blade. Anyone using one to field dress game will understand that,,,, 

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Thanks for the comments everyone, it is always a difficult choice when deciding what materials to use. I know that aluminum has gotten a bad reputation over the years due to misuse but if you treat it as well as you treat your blade then oxidation really shouldn't ever be an issue. If your handle is beaten up and not properly maintained it sounds as if there is a problem with the maintenance and not the materials because certainly rusty steel leaves residue and sets in faster then aluminum of copper oxidation. If we were to simply limit ourselves to materials that wouldn't need maintenance and always maintained their luster we would only use precious metals and as we all know they don't make useful knives.

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