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so, last weekend there was a nordic championship in blacksmithing, and they also had some mini-seminars with private instructors and seeing how im eager to learn more and more about this fascinating trade, i decided to take a look and maybe make something actually useful, and that i indeed did

i made these tongs in i think around two hours or less, im not that good at estimating time

i am very pleased with them, they work as i expected and even better, im concidering modifying them later on to suit better for arrowhead making, since i intend on making a whole bunch of them in the coming future (tips and links to posts with information on that are well appreciated and in what way it would be best to modify it, i was just thinking about narrowing the jaws down)

i have no idea whether this type of tongs has a special name, it's just a very basic flat jawed tong



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Good work.  The tongs will need modifying depending on what you're doing, but they are good and solid.  Generally, you want the thickest part of the tongs to be the boss area around the rivet.  This allows the handles to clear each other and gives a better visual balance.


If they're working, you're a step ahead of the game.  Now, use your tongs to make some neat stuff!

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Of course those have a specific name. "NICE FIRST SET OF TONGS" tongs. They're a LOT better than my first pair, mine are barely usable yours have plenty of meat so they'll be good and strong and plenty of meat lets you modify them a LOT more easily.


Good job.


Frosty The Lucky.

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