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Copper round stock


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Care should be taken on the 1/2" round stock grounding rods, many are copper coated iron rods. I thought I made a great score on about 10 of these rods only to find they are not much use other than to bend cold. The ground wire is great because it is almost pure copper. Another use is for "penny welding"

Another good source is copper pipe. A 3" pipe cut along its length will yield a flat piece almost 9 1/2" wide. Anneal before cutting and flattening.

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sfduck, like mentioned above, try the scrap yards. I bought a piece of 1"x3"x12", nice CLEAN copper. best I remember I paid $2.50/lb==$32.00worth! They had several pieces of it plus some 6"rd and 8"rd, both about 10-12inches long....I passed on them! :) Check your area, there may be a company doing industrial electrical work that will sale you some of their scrap. Will really go a long way if you tell them what you are doing.

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