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  1. LOL! Absolutely :p If I can get my smithy built sometime this century! I hope everyone here has been well. Like I said before...I Missed You Guys!!!!
  2. Hello All! I used to be on the forum...oh, 7 or 8 years ago. Life has changed a lot for me, but I am soon ready to get back in the fire. I missed you all!!!!
  3. I have one neighbor who thinks our forge is cool and stops by just to see what we are working on. I have several others who are cranky about it but I'm not breaking any rules or laws so they have to live with it. Besides, now that the strip mall behind my house if finished complete with liquor store and smoke shop you can't hear my hammer over the loud music in all the loitering cars :)
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I'm gonna practice for a few days and get back to you :)
  5. Hi Everybody, I am making a table (pictures when it's finished) and I'm having trouble avoiding cold shuts on the tenons. I only have hand tools, an anvil, and a swage nifty toys or power tools. Any suggestions????? Thanks :)
  6. Those are AMAZING!!!!! I would love to see process pics (if it won't give away any secrets The features are so expressive...very very very impressive!!!!!!
  7. I find, as a lady blacksmith, I get more disbelief that a girl would want to be a blacksmith than any real interest in what I do. My favorite is when I'm setting up my demo space and moving my anvil (175#) and some guy wants to know if I need help. Most of them FREAK when they couldn't budge the anvil and I can pick it up and carry it no problem! I love all the questions at a demo show because they are rarely the "Why is this so expensive?" type and more about the work. But I agree about the "free babysitting" aspect. I tell parents that unsupervised children will be given to the fairies.
  8. Hi Finnr! I'm too heavily medicated to be in the chat tonight, but I thought I'd just say "Hi" and let you know I sent you a check today, so be on the lookout. Can't wait to hear your new CD. Hope the back is doing better :) BIG HUGS. Hope

  9. My Forge is Frost Fire Forge & Studio...Our last name is Frost we play with fire...and I am even making a steel and aluminum "frost fire" sculpture for our trademark (also doubles as a sign holder for events:)...But I like Burr Oak Forge and think it would make a fine name for ya!
  10. Well Fellas, I'm almost done with the sculpture! I welded the steel pieces with the ARC and I have an industrial strength product from Devcon called 2-Ton Transparent Epoxy...The last of it is curing now and seems to be doing just fine. The glue even held up to the piece being dropped before it was fully cured I should be able to post a picture by the end of the day. Thanks for all your help, I'm gonna keep it in mind for the NEXT project I do with modern techniques...
  11. I try REALLY hard to do my smithing in the oldest fashioned way I can as a Reniassance re-enacter...but when the bundle for the forge weld won't stay put long enough to get welded in the fire, well then the ARC welder is now the oldest fashioned way I have available It's all a matter of perspective!
  12. Explosive Welding??? Sounds Dangerous...Please tell me this is a joke!!! Anyway, if Glenn could maybe give me the name of that industrial adhesive he mentioned, I think I'll try his method...although I am going to order that Super Alloy welding rod from the website Dodge suggested and play with it later...I'll let you all know how it turns out :)
  13. Thanks for the help guys...It's a sculpture piece, and if I have to I'll use a cold connect method, but since I'm welding the steel part anyway, I was trying to be consistent.